Ice on the River

The Official Music video for Ice on the River from the album Streets of Paris. Written performed and produced by Tony Kalhagen. Underwater Photography - Micah Reese. Model - Jasmine Rain. Drone videography - Drone one Photography / Lance. Videography - Terri-Lynn Kalahgen. 


This video is back from the old Art and Wine show days.  One year  back in the 90's I performed at over 40 festivals in one year with this type of a setup.  This was recorded around 2007 at the Wild Rivers Coast Seafood Art and Wine Festival in Gold Beach, Oregon.  Joining me on this song is Greg John (Medicine Spirit) on Didgeridoo.  This song can be found and downloaded from the album 'Decade of Dreams'. 

The Streets of Paris

So this is how we spent our time in Paris. What did you see? Nothing. What did you do? Nothing. A new experience, but one I could get used to. I wrote this song after a dinner party in our flat looking out over the city Eifel Tower and I am sure finishing off the half empty bottles at 12:30am just minutes into my birthday. Unfortunately one of our guests that night crashed her bike riding home.

It's Me

During the 90's we spent most of our weekends in the city. When we went back for a visit many years later we spent a few days making this video.